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The Lahooti Story

Lahooti is a grassroots cultural organization dedicated to celebrating Pakistan's rich heritage and promoting social change through the transformative power of the arts. Founded by Saif Samejo, with a deep commitment to preserving and promoting the country's cultural diversity, Lahooti has become a catalyst for unity, understanding, and community empowerment.


At the heart of Lahooti's initiatives is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary expressions. Through renowned events like Lahooti Melo, a large-scale international music festival, Lahooti Music Aashram, a music education initiative, and Lahooti Live Sessions, a platform for artistic collaboration, Lahooti bridges the gap between indigenous and modern cultures. These endeavors not only nurture artistic talents but also provide a space for fostering peace, cultural exchange, and social cohesion.


Lahooti's mission extends beyond artistic endeavors. It actively works to counter religious extremism through the arts, championing tolerance and inclusivity. The organization is dedicated to advancing social impact and fostering a more equitable and sustainable future.


Through its innovative cultural programs, Lahooti aims to create a positive ripple effect that resonates far beyond Pakistan's borders, contributing to a global movement of indigenous representation and cultural preservation.

Saif Samejo at Lahooti Melo Performing
"Lahooti Melo is the country's only grassroots music festival that is self-sustaining and standing taller every year. This year, we celebrate 10 years of Lahooti."

Saif Samejo, Founder Lahooti & The Sketches


Lahooti is proud to work with organizations who share our vision and have enabled our grassroots cultural organization to fulfill our potential.


“The eclectic music festival with a spiritual streak. Lahooti Melo is fast gaining a reputation of one of Pakistan’s most eagerly awaited annual events.”

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