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On 10 Years of Lahooti

Three #LahootiComingTogether events held in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur helped Lahooti to self-sustain with the help fans & sponsors, partners & friends. It's the country's only grassroots Music Festival that's sustaining, and standing taller every year. We all must be proud of it because Lahooti set a precedent for theme-based festivals around social causes while addressing them with the help of music, art and panel sessions. Lahooti created icons as it bridged indigenous artists to the mainstream world of music. Despite multiple challenges, Lahooti stands as the most inclusive large scale platform for all. A generation of music lovers grew up linked to their roots through Lahooti's events. Every day I get asked about the dates of official #LahootiMelo2023 since it was postponed thrice due to several circumstances but let me share that we're on it now so 6th & 7th of May will be the festival dates. After long not just national but international musicians & artists are coming to Pakistan to celebrate #10YearsOfLahooti - This year will be huge festivity as well as straightforward conversations around art, music & social change.

Stay Tuned for a festival like no other - We Believe in Music



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