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An inimitable experience of festivity and knowledge sharing 


With intercultural & intergenerational harmony at the heart of each endeavor


Tributing the seniors and shining light on new talent


An inclusive lineup like no other!


The ideal chance for your brand to shine.
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Thank you for the overwhelming response, Sukkur!

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Misty Football Field

The Lahooti Melo 2024 in Hyderabad proved to be an unprecedented success, captivating attendees with its vibrant blend of music, art, and activism. From captivating performances to thought-provoking discussions, the Melo ignited passions and inspired change. Its diverse lineup of artists and speakers fostered dialogue and fostered a sense of unity among attendees. With record-breaking attendance and widespread acclaim, Lahooti Melo 2024 set a new standard for cultural festivals, leaving a lasting impact on both the local community and beyond. Lahooti's influence extends beyond Hyderabad, igniting a trend of festivities throughout Sindh. By showcasing the transformative power of art, Lahooti has sparked interest among government and local organizations to prioritize the region and its youth. This burgeoning cultural movement not only celebrates Sindh's rich heritage but also fosters a sense of belongingness, promoting peace and resistance against religious extremism. As Lahooti-inspired festivities continue to spread, they serve as a beacon of hope, signaling a brighter future for Sindh and its people, driven by the transformative power of art and community engagement. Explore the previous activities held at the festival below:

Lahooti Melo 2024 - Hyderabad Edition: Uniting for Peace and Environmentalism Through Art

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