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A decade of Lahooti with The Sketches

Celebrate #10YearsOfLahooti with @sketchesartofficial 🪕 The rhythms, the grooves and the beautiful sounds of diverse poetry paired with indigenous melody of the wanderers of Sindh makes The Sketches, a band unlike any other. The Sketches is a Contemporary Folk Rock Band from Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan, ruling hearts with love for their language and culture. Founded in 2001, the band travelled across Pakistan whilst performing shows as well as archiving poetry in various dialects and preserving the essence of age old poetries, melodies and instruments through their organisation #Lahooti. The Sketches has created a niche for themselves with their original songs that are a huge hit among young music lovers. Catch them live at #LahootiMelo on their home ground this May!

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