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~Find Your Flow~

Illustration Workshop by Lahooti
Facilitated by Pakkhee

Artistic inspiration often resides in the elusive state of flow, where creativity and intuition seamlessly intertwine. This workshop is not just about learning illustration techniques; it's a journey to help artists find their unique flow state. 


What You'll Experience

+ Learn to approach your work with a clear intention and discipline, applying techniques that induce the coveted state of flow.

​+ Explore meaningful choices in shape, form, value, color relations,
and texture, transforming your illustrations into powerful narratives.

​+ Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, our three-tier structure ensures personalized guidance for your skill level.

Bonus Resources for Professional Growth

+Unlock strategies to attract the right clients who resonate with
your artistic vision.

+ Learn effective project management skills to handle your creative projects seamlessly.

+ Understand how to confidently set your fees, ensuring your work
is valued appropriately.

Beyond the canvas, this workshop offers an immersive experience. Join us for afternoon tea and snacks, fostering a relaxed atmosphere where ideas flow freely


As a workshop participant, enjoy complimentary access to Lahooti's musical events and live sessions during December and January. Immerse yourself not only in the visual arts but also in the soul-stirring world of folk music.

Dates & Timings
To be decided according to all participants' availability. 

Location: Lahooti Music Aashram, Jamshoro
(Complete address will be emailed to you after registration)



To keep the workshop accessible to all, we will do our best to make the fee affordable for students and freelancers. Please register to receive the details on fees and address. First 10 registrations will receive a 10% discount.


The Facilitator

Areesha Khuwaja_edited.jpg

This workshop is designed and facilitated by Areesha Khuwaja,
also known as Pakkhee, an artist & cultural practitioner from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

With a Master's in Creative Multimedia and a Bachelor's in Animation, she seamlessly blends digital and traditional mediums through sculpture, augmented reality and illustration. Areesha's work

has graced exhibitions in Lahore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and
New York, reflecting her commitment to cultural exploration and representation.


Beyond her artistic pursuits, Areesha is dedicated to conservation and restoration causes. Her practice as a bridge, reconnecting her with her roots and restoring lost narratives and traditions; a testament to the resilience of Sindh’s heritage. Areesha also holds the position of physical experience designer & curator at the artist-run cultural organisation, Lahooti. You can find out more at

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