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The Commune

Welcome to Lahooti Karoonjhar Commune, a serene residence nestled at the foothills of the majestic Karoonjhar mountains. Beckoning travelers, artists, and nature enthusiasts alike. Our Commune is more than a place to rest your head. It's a gateway to engaging with the vibrant community of indigenous storytellers, artisans, and musicians, whose rich narratives and traditions infuse every corner of this desert oasis.

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Echoes of Karoonjhar Residency

Nature Retreats by Lahooti

Discover the magic of Karoonjhar Nature Retreats, where the stunning Karoonjhar mountains and ancient Jain temples create a serene backdrop for spiritual and cultural enrichment. Trek through majestic landscapes, engage in community activities like village visits, and enjoy storytelling sessions by local poets. Immerse yourself in vibrant community theatre, and find inspiration in the region's rich heritage. Perfect for seekers of both adventure and tranquility, our retreats offer a unique blend of outdoor exploration and deep spiritual connection.

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