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Get To Know Lahooti

Lahooti, deeply rooted in the heart of Jamshoro, Sindh, is a dynamic grassroots cultural organization with a mission to unite indigenous culture, folk music, art, and heritage with the local community, thus enriching Pakistan's creative tapestry. We are dedicated to the preservation of intangible heritage and the creation of opportunities for unique artistic collaborations, demonstrating the valuable role that various forms of cultural expression can play in development.


The organization's efforts seamlessly blend both traditional and contemporary expressions that address cultural, economic, educational, environmental and social challenges in Pakistan. Our initiatives like Lahooti Melo (an international festival), Lahooti Music Aashram (a music education initiative), and Lahooti Live Sessions (a platform for artistic collaboration) serve as exemplars of the transformative power of culture of improve socio-economic conditions of indigenous artists and artisans, fostering a sense of belonging, and community revitalization. We are on a mission to fuse environmental advocacy with preservation of climate critical heritage, encapsulated by an on-going theme: ECO NOT EGO, with aim of becoming better ancestors for our coming gernartions.


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