Lahooti Live Sessions is a mystical journey that revisits the indigenous folk music of Pakistan.


Lahooti Music Aashram is School of Music in Hyderabad/Jamshoro Sindh.
Lahooti is a brainchild of Saif Samejo, the front man of Sufi Folk Rock band THE SKETCHES. Lahooti is a not for profit organization that aims to promote indigenous musicians and musical instruments through weekly Lahooti Live Sessions. Taking this idea to next level Lahooti envisions to organize " Lahooti Melo" every year to talk on Poetry, Dance, Music & Arts on a bigger platform.


Lahooti Productions produces High-Quality Jingles, Advertisements, Music Videos and Audios in Jamshoro.

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Lahooti held in Sindh’s heart, in 2022! Excited to bring our festivities to Karachi on 4th & 5th June.🪅 Celebrated Indus through talks, music, poetry, art, film & dance! Lahooti Melo 2022 is all about Celebrating Indus, which means we will be talking about; ~ The restoration of Indus Basin; ~ The promotion of eco-tourism; ~ The empowerment of indigenous communities; ~ The rehabilitation of natural eco system; ~ The nurturing of different landscapes, history, ancestral knowledge, cultures, and artistic traditions of Indus River and her streams; ~ The protection of free rivers and freshwater life; ~ The sustainable management of water resources. #LahootiMelo2022 #LahootiMelo See less

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Saif Samejo


We Believe in Music, Poetry, Arts and Dance!