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Echoes of Karoonjhar

Envisioning new futures for art, culture, heritage, and tourism in Bhodesar, Nagar Parker

music. art. poetry. dance

A dynamic grassroots cultural organization with a mission to unite indigenous culture, folk music, art, and heritage with the local community. Based out of Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. Dedicated to the preservation of intangible heritage and the creation of opportunities for unique artistic collaborations, Lahooti demonstrates the valuable role that various forms of cultural expression can play in social and economical development, ensuring the rich traditions of Pakistan continue to thrive and inspire future generations.


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We Believe in Music


Lahooti is proud to have worked with organizations who share our vision for the preservation of art and culture and have enabled us to fulfill our potential


The United Nations

Culture Dept.
Gov. of Sindh

Friedrich Naumann Foundation


The Sketches

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