As we dive into the wanderings, de-layering to the very roots, when the quest of Lahooti began; like every union begins through a collaboration of ambitious intellect, Lahooti came into existence through the animus of Saif Samejo. The mastermind, the explorer in the world of Sufi Music, took his very steps through the formation of his band, THE SKETCHES.

Saif, Didn't possess any training in music when he began his musical journey in 2001, but what he had embraced were the mystic folk sounds that had an everlasting impression on his auditory perception that captured the organic essence which plays a vital role in the tracks THE SKETCHES have produced for their first album ’Dastakari’ (which was released in 20102011). Dastkari led to many avenues for THE SKETCHES to progress through;

keeping alive the tradition of folk music and preserving and carrying a rich legacy of indigenous musicians and traditional musical instruments symbolic to different provinces of Pakistan, THE SKETCHES released their second album 'You' that celebrates tranquility and bliss within petite moments that are very much evaded in the modern world today. Preserving the ancient beauty of Sufi sound and nourishing fusion arts and poetry THE SKETCHES firmly believed in displaying a humble sane impression of Pakistan through their unsparing nonprofit initiative of social activism via music.


The voyage of "Lahooti" took place that gave a platform to hidden and known phenomenal talent .The zesty tour is a gala where Boreendo, Surando, Sarangi, Narr and cher produce seraphic instrumentals to live the joys of Pakistani folk music. So far, more than 50 musicians have been recorded and released as a part of Lahooti Live Sessions and most of them have never been exposed to camera for recording.

Mai Dhai, who is now a star in her own right post her stint on Coke Studio, first appeared on Lahooti Live Sessions in 2013. Some other prominent names that have been the part of Lahooti include Talib Palari, Mohammad Hassan, Zulfiqar Fakir, Arieb Azhar, The Sketches, Juman Latif, Jai Raam Jogi, Abdullah Khan, Bell, Katalin Burns, Marry Mc Bride and Kentucky Winders. Recently popular Indian Channel, MTV Indies has started on airing Lahooti Live Sessions giving it a due recognition on international level.


The overwhelming success of Lahooti Live Sessions eventually payed wave for Lahooti Melo - the first biggest music festival of Sindh held in April 2016.Two day festival brought more than 73 finest musicians, writers, folk & main stream artists, filmmakers, activists and keynote speakers from different parts of Pakistan and Nepal in Hyderabad aiming towards building an authentic bridge between the streets of interior and mainstream artists, through workshops, panel sessions and live performances. As Lahooti has begun a conversation between divine art, mystics of poetry and music; the immaterial yelping that had been silenced became comprehensible.

Lahooti society is comprised into Lahooti Events, Lahooti live Sessions and Lahooti Production.


Lahooti Live Sessions is a mystical journey that revisits the indigenous folk music of Pakistan.


Lahooti Events organizes Musical concerts, Gigs, Festivals, Book Fairs, Theaters and all kind of events.


Lahooti Music Aashram is School of Music in Hyderabad/Jamshoro Sindh.


Lahooti Productions produces High-Quality Jingles, Advertisements, Music Videos and Audios in Hyderabad.