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The Lahooti Story

Saif Samejo with Timothy P. Mclaughlin

The Sketches

Saif Samejo, the architect of Lahooti, embarked on a journey of Sufi music by forming a band of his own known as The Sketches. Without any prior training in music, Saif began his musical journey twenty-one years ago in 2001. Even though he did not have a formal training, he naturally formed an understanding of distinct, mystic folk sounds that had an everlasting impression on his auditory perception.This quality beautifully shaped the unique identity of The Sketches.


The Sketches have been successful in creating a personal philosophy, which allows them to liberate music from its conventional understanding. Their music has educated the young generation about their ancestors, taking their wisdom

and acting on it in the present, and for the women and

girl-child, their strings build a safe land where they are free

to hope and dream again.

Lahooti Melo

The Biggest Folk & World Music Festival of Pakistan

The caravan of The Sketches gave platform to hidden and known phenomenal talent. In doing so, it revitalized their music under Lahooti.


The most notable achievement of Lahooti is its ability to gather artists from different parts of the globe, provide space to the society, especially students, to learn, preserve musical and communal values and have discourse. This impact has been growing exponentially since the last six years through events like Lahooti Melo and Winter Lores.

Previous Partners

Lahooti is proud to work with organizations who share our vision and have enabled our grassroots cultural organization to fulfill our potential.


“The eclectic music festival with a spiritual streak. Lahooti Melo is fast gaining a reputation of one of Pakistan’s most eagerly awaited annual events.”

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